The Studio

Handcrafted Woodwork

What We Do

Traditional Framing

We frame almost every kind of art or print from the simplest pine frames to handcrafted gilt-edged works of art.

Custom Furniture

We make custom furniture to your specifications. If you have something unique in mind, we’ll be happy to discuss.

Wooden Sculpture

We hand-craft wooden sculptures that look beautiful in any home or office. Every piece is unique so pay us a visit to see our art.

True to Tradition

We have been handcrafting furniture for more than 50 years. Using the finest sustainable woods our products our guaranteed to last a lifetime.

50 Years of Experience

Now in it’s third generation, our family business has prospered with each generation passing on the skills to the next. Whilst modern machinery certainly makes the work easier, we believe there is no substitute for handcrafted woodwork.

The Best Materials

We used the finest sustainable hardwoods for most of our products. With English oak still being our most popular wood we are contributors to the sustainable oaks scheme.

Hand Crafted

Artisan handwork is at the heart of what we produce.


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